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Window Tinting & Chameleon Screens

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Window Tinting & Chameleon Windscreens

Our full range of window and chameleon windscreen tints help reduce glare and heat inside the cabin, as well as improving the overall look of the vehicle along with adding that little touch of colour.

A popular and frequently requested modification, window tinting offer security, privacy, heat reduction and protection from harmful UV rays and is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.

Want to stand out with a Chameleon Windscreen?

With over 7 different, road legal colours to choose from, we are one of a few installers in the UK that offer a comprehensive selection of films.

porsche 911 992 gt3 mr chameleon windscreen orange and black
window tinting application
What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting typically refers to the process in which a transparent sheet of film is applied to the inside of a vehicle's windows for a more private / stealthy look. Window tinting is a cost effective modification to enhance the overall look and comfort of a car.

windscreen chameleon tint
What Are The Benefits?
  • Stylish OEM look

  • 99% UV Protection

  • Heat Reduction of up to 80%

  • Privacy & Security

  • Glass Shatter Protection

  • 3 Year Warranty on all tints

window tinting application
Is it legal?

Absolutely, there a legal limits on different areas of the car but we can advise you accordingly.

Our chameleon screens are all within the legal limits as well.

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For More Info

Check out our blog for more information on commonly asked questions and topics. Everything from how to care for your wrap, why does it cost what it costs and what brands of vinyl's we recommend.

range rover svr avery rose gold chrome wrap

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