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Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film

The ultimate paint protection for your vehicle. A clear flexible self healing film, specifically designed to absorb the impact from small stones or road debris, light scratches and swirls, offering protection to your vehicle paintwork.

Suntek is the market leading film offering the best paint protection for your vehicle.

Highly accurate computer templates and maximum coverage makes the film almost invisible.

  • Available in a High Gloss or Matte Finish

  • Self healing from light scratches and swirl marks

  • The thickest film currently on the market for maximum protection

  • Gloss Black PPF used as standard on any gloss black areas for a deeper more consistent finish

  • Wrapped edges and custom template modification for that ultimate invisible coverage

  • 3 year installation and 10 year manufacturer warranty*

porsche 911 991 gt3rs guards red carbon fibre ppf paint protection film suntek xpel
paint protection film ppf clear bra
What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF as it's commonly referred too is a clear TPU film designed to protect your vehicle from any and all exterior harm.

Today's films are virtually invisible with built in additions such as self healing and hydrophobic properties that are designed to last 10 years from yellow, cracking and staining.

With both high gloss, matte/satin and even various colours available today.

graphtec vinyl plotter ppf
Why PPF Your Vehicle?

With modern paint being softer and thinner then ever with manufacturers moving to more eco water based paints, as well as respray costs ever increasing. PPF has become the go to choice for anyone looking to preserve their vehicle paintwork and surfaces.

Once a luxury, now a necessity to anyone buying or restoring a vehicle.

paint protection film application suntek xpel
Why we chose Suntek?

For many reasons, firstly their films clarity we believe to be the best on the market and offering the same self healing and hydrophobic options as many others.


More recently their template software Core has had a huge investment over the past 2 years. We can confidently say that these templates are by far the most accurate and offer the best coverage in class compared to the XPEL DAP.

They are also the only ones to manufacture their film in house making their warranties more reliable.

Image by Joshua Koblin
Our Packages

Front End Protection Package

Front Bumper, Full Bonnet, Front Wings, Headlights, Mirrors

Performance Protection Package

Front Bumper, Full Bonnet, Front Wings, Headlights, Mirrors, A-Pillars, Side Skirts, Rear Arches, Front Roof Edge

Full Coverage Protection

All Painted Surfaces Including Any Carbon Areas and Front and Rear Lights

Full Coverage Satin

All Colour Painted Areas In Satin With Any Gloss Blacks Or Carbon Done In Gloss Finish

bmw m5 competition satin stealth ppf paint protection film suntek xpel
Exoshield Windscreen Protection Film

EXOSHIELD's GT3 Windscreen Protection Film (WPF) is recognised as the premier windscreen protection film today. GT3 delivers amazing scratch resistance, durability and weatherability - making it ideal for vehicles, all seasons and all driving styles.

The most optically clear WPF you'll find, EXOSHIELD GT3 is invisible once installed, with no visible distortion once cured.

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