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100% Money Back Guarantee

Last updated: June 1st 2024

What qualifies me for 100% money back guarantee?

If for any reason you are not happy with the work carried out by Wrap Cartel Ltd within the first 30 days of the work being completed, you are entitled to our money back guarantee.

What if I have a problem?

Firstly get in contact with us by phone or email, let us know what exactly the issue is. We may request you send us photos, videos or bring the vehicle by to inspect the issue first. After inspection if it's agreed there is an installation or material issue we'll firstly offer to do whatever is needed to improve or replace the issue area to meet your standards within reason. 


What if I'm still not happy and want my money back?

It's very rare we reach this stage however if even after rectifying the issue you are still not happy, we will agree to remove all of the work carried out free of charge and return your money no questions asked. The vinyl must be fully removed to receive a full refund.


And finally, thanks for choosing Wrap Cartel

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