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Windscreen Protection

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Windscreen Protection

EXOSHIELD's GT3 Windscreen Protection Film (WPF) is recognised as the premier windscreen protection film today. GT3 delivers amazing scratch resistance, durability and weatherability - making it ideal for vehicles, all seasons and all driving styles.

The most optically clear WPF you'll find, EXOSHIELD GT3 is invisible once installed, with no visible distortion once cured.

  • 6x More Impact Resistant Than Glass

  • Fully Optically Clear, No Distortions

  • Protection From Chips And Cracks

  • 3 year installation and 10 year manufacturer warranty*

Eliminate the risk of damage from having a windscreen replaced. This is done using a wire saw to remove the old screen which can cause damage to paintwork and any wiring for rain and driving sensors located at the top of most windscreens today.

Secondly most new cars now also require the vehicle be brought to a main dealer to have the sensors calibrated again. This is a costly time exercise for any busy owner today.

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What is Windscreen Protection Film?

EXOSHEILD is a PET film meaning it's not a flexible film like most other windscreen films.

This is what gives it superior clarity and ultimate protection over other options on the market.

It's a more difficult and timely install compared to a TPU film.

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Eco Friendly

Installing GT3+ limits GHG emissions and reduces unnecessary landfill waste.

Once a luxury, now a necessity to anyone buying or restoring a vehicle.

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Lower Insurance Premiums

Keep insurance premiums low by keeping expensive windshield replacements off your record.

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Check out our blog for more information on commonly asked questions and topics. Everything from how to care for your wrap, why does it cost what it costs and what brands of vinyl's we recommend.


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