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Navigating the Road: How Vehicle Wraps Can Find Coverage Under Insurance in the UK

Updated: Jan 2

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In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive aesthetics, vehicle wraps have become a popular choice for those seeking a personalized touch to their rides. As the demand for vehicle wraps grows, questions arise about whether this creative modification can be covered under insurance. In the United Kingdom, understanding the nuances of how vehicle wraps can find coverage is essential. Let's explore the possibilities and demystify the process of insuring your vehicle wrap in the UK.

  1. Establishing the Need for Coverage: Before delving into the specifics, it's crucial to establish the necessity of coverage for your vehicle wrap. If the wrap serves a business purpose or enhances the safety of the vehicle by increasing visibility, there may be valid reasons to include it in your insurance coverage.

  2. Business Use Considerations: If your vehicle wrap is part of a business branding strategy or serves as a mobile advertisement, it's important to communicate this to your insurance provider. Some policies may offer coverage for vehicles used for business purposes, but it's essential to clarify the nature of the usage to ensure appropriate coverage.

  3. Specialist Insurance Providers: Given the unique nature of vehicle wraps, it may be beneficial to explore insurance options with providers specializing in modified vehicles or commercial wraps. These specialists may have a better understanding of the nuances associated with insuring vehicles with unique modifications.

  4. Documentation and Appraisal: When seeking insurance coverage for your vehicle wrap, providing detailed documentation is key. This may include photographs of the wrap, a description of its purpose, and, if applicable, any additional safety features it introduces. An appraisal of the cost of the wrap may also be required for valuation purposes.

  5. Reviewing Existing Policies: If you already have insurance for your vehicle, review the terms and conditions of your policy. Some comprehensive insurance policies may cover modifications, including vehicle wraps, up to a certain limit. Understanding the extent of your current coverage is crucial in determining whether additional coverage is necessary.

  6. Clear Communication with Insurer: Communication is paramount when seeking coverage for your vehicle wrap. Clearly articulate the purpose of the wrap, whether for personal expression, business promotion, or enhanced safety. Discuss the specifics with your insurer to ensure that there are no misunderstandings regarding the nature of the modification.

  7. Wrap Cartel Wrap Cover: We understand it can sometimes be difficult for insurers to cover your wrap or at an large cost! We have created our own wrap cover specifically designed with our customers in mind for full peace of mind.


While the inclusion of vehicle wraps in insurance coverage in the UK may not be standard, it's a possibility worth exploring, especially if the wrap serves a specific purpose such as business branding or increased visibility. Engaging in open and transparent communication with your insurance provider, exploring specialist options, and providing comprehensive documentation are key steps in navigating the road to insuring your uniquely wrapped vehicle. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, so too do insurance options, and staying informed is the first step towards ensuring that your vehicle wrap is appropriately covered.


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